CaseyMerrell.com Launches Today Utilizing New
BasicE-Commerce.com Platform by DarinShort.com

Garland, TX (2/28/20) by DarinShort.com. Doesn’t it drive you crazy when
your satellite TV service bill comes in at some outrageous amount and you
have the same conversation with yourself every month, which is “I wish I
could just pay for the channels I watch.”  

That analogy holds true today at DarinShort.com as there is a brand-new
product offering for businesses of all sizes and individuals seeking online
marketing solutions – but at a scaled down version of website, and it is
called BasicE-Commerce.com - a division of DarinShort.com.

The end result for the client is a 40-50% cost of service – yet without
sacrificing the essentials, such as e-commerce, video, images…and
without being forced to use a generic antiquated and restricted templates.

To the right are several detailed examples of this new product platform
that businesses and individuals of literally all sizes utilize.

Texas Sprint Series racer Casey Merrell is unveiling his new
BasicE-Commerce.com online location today at
and it is now available for viewing.

Casey is a high school student from Springtown, Texas and has quickly
positioned himself as a quality sprint car racer by picking up feature wins
during his short two-season Sprint Car racing career.

At his online home, you can purchase team apparel, view pictures, read
his bio and connect to his team sponsors. Video clips will be added in the
days to come when they become available.

DarinShort.com welcomes Casey and his team to its family of individuals
and businesses seeking contemporary online and offline marketing and
advertising solutions and wishes him continued best of luck!

Circling back to the new BasicE-Commerce.com component, you can see
at Casey’s new online home it contains the essentials that teams, fans
and sponsors need, but it a more compact format – which takes much
less time to produce. And there’s no webhosting fees associated with this
new platform – which saves clients an additional $179/year.

Individual price structures for BasicE-Commerce.com sites will be provided
after assessing the desired key components that clients choose for their
new online home. But you can expect pricing to be around 40-50% of
full-blown sites that contain multiple pages. Of course, the
traditional full-blown sites are still available.

This new way of looking at e-commerce solutions gives clients what they
want, yet only paying for what they really need.

DarinShort.com prides itself in staying up with revolutionary business
concepts for its clients. BasicE-Commerce.com by DarinShort.com opens
up a brand new era in online solutions and if you’re ready to turn around
your view of e-commerce, just email Darin at dssm93@msn.com or click
www.BasicE-Commerce.com for more information.

A look ahead: Be watching for a new BasicE-Commerce.com page for
FixYourGenerator.com - as you'll soon be able to purchase their most
popular generators online at incredible prices!
Including this page itself, here are more examples of the new BasicE-Commerce.com solutions:
OBJECTIVE: This youngster needed an online presence, a way to sell his team apparel, and
provide link-backs to his team sponsors and series - without breaking the bank. So they chose this
new BasicE-Commerce.com by DarinShort.com solution, which ended up costing him about 40% of
the cost of a full-blown traditional website. Click
CaseyMerrell.com to check it out.
OBJECTIVE: The owner of this stunning and rare '67 Mustang Convertible 390 called me
asking for my suggestion on how to sell the car. Well, those that know me, know I'm the
'solutions guy.' Meaning, I'm wired to come up with viable solutions that have no borders.

In this case I asked if there was a time line, as if I could just have 2 months with this car, I
could develop a simple BasicE-Commerce.com by DarinShort.com solution. The goal
was literally to flood the search engines so when anyone typing in variables of '67 Mustang
Convertible 390', they'd have a really good chance of pulling in the listing I created for it.

Sure enough 54 days later a cold-call buyer on the web from L.A. did just that, sent a
deposit right through the webpage and the next day shown up at the owners doorstep with
a big tall stack of $100 bills - for the full price of car. Best part is the owner didn't have to
pay the outrageous amount of money to list the car online through the traditional online
sites and pay their sales commissions either.  

This is the exact the purpose of BasicE-Commerce.com by DarinShort.com - helping
people come up with realistic and effective solutions, yet without paying through the nose
for it by selling them components they don't need in certain cases such as this.
OBJECTIVE: On a multitude of events since 2010, Texas Motor Speedway has utilized
a variety of event building, race team registration and BasicE-commerce.com solutions
from DarinShort.com.

From creating event info-hubs with nearly instant event updates, to registering race
teams, providing e-commerce solutions for entry fees, reserved pit spaces and
practice nights; there have been lots of quick and effective solutions to their event
needs. They also chose DarinShort.com to provide them with publicity services
utilizing multiple direct marketing channels to activate those events.

Plus, I gotta say I enjoy working with Cameron and Kelton...they're extremely busy
managing multiple events at the same time. If you've yet to take in an event at TMS,
you owe it to yourself and your family to check out their incredible facility!
OBJECTIVE: ...a quick phone call from Sam's mom stating "Darin, I'd like you to get
our t-shirts out there online so we can get them on peoples' backs!" This simple and
effecting BasicE-Commerce.com solution did just that and also utilized publicity and
multiple marketing channels to activate the project.

DarinShort.com also created and launched the branding solution for the team in
2004, which is still in use today. Make sure if you're at the track you cheer on the
sam15.com team!
Since we're on the subject of the Hafertepe family, we'll continue with this massive
project that utilized BasicE-Commerce.com by DarinShort.com.

OBJECTIVE: Sam calls me and said to me: "Darin, I want the biggest sprint car race
that Texas has seen in years, can you help me make that happen?" My immediate
response was: "I can handle everything on this end, you just handle the track, staff
and facility."

We both went away did our jobs and when it was all said and done, we, in fact, had
the largest field of sprint cars assembled in the state of Texas in possibly decades.

And the event car count for sprint cars has yet to be topped statewide since.

A complete info-hub was created that included e-commerce components for driver
registration, pit pass sales and more. And it was absolutely the most throw-down
sprint car racing event when it was all said and done. I appreciate Sam's trust in
DarinShort.com to handle the project considering the level of his expectations.
For over 10 years, DarinShort.com provided I-30 Speedway with e-commerce solutions
and spearheaded the Vendor Midway component of their annual event. The
BasicE-Commerce.com by DarinShort.com solution provided vendors with a quick and
simple registration and payment process on the info hub...and immediate revenue to
the track in advance of the event.
Veteran DFW area sprint car racer Wayne Brown needed to clear out a swath
of inventory and this is yet another perfect example of where the
BasicE-Commerce.com by Darin Short.com solution provided literally an
immediate e-commerce solution and putting cash in his hands on the spot.

At the time fellow veteran racer Ray Welnack also piggy-backed some racing
inventory he no longer needed to Wayne's 'Garage Sale'....and he turned
those no longer needed parts into cash - in no time at all.

Both of these cases also utilized DarinShort.com for publicity, direct placement
and activation services.
Always being the type of letting her Executive Chef skills 'sell the sizzle' when she is in
action, the thought of utilizing an online solution to expand her brand and online presence
was something that Lori Finkelman was a bit apprehensive about at first.

But paired with DarinShort.com publicity campaign that included direct placement and
activation services resulted in a 'recipe' to success for this brilliant and driven world chef.

Rex Tillerson's Executive Chef of over 20 years is now creating magic in some of the most
renown kitchens - on her own terms.
Standing out in a crowd can be very challenging for a young, highly talented
and creative person in the modern world.

Objective: Getting chosen to be placed in to a STEM (School for Talented
Gifted) school for advanced learning can be very difficult, so you need every
tool in your arsenal available.

When DarinShort.com was approached by this family for possible solutions, it
created an online presence and branding to showcase this youngster's talents
and to show prospective schools considering him that: "Well you know this
person already has the confidence in them self that they're going to be
something some day and has proactively gotten their own name as a .com,
this is probably someone we should be considering for inclusion in
our program."

This is yet another example of a BasicE-Commerce.com solution that didn't
require a 'full-blown' site to still get the mission accomplished.
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