Doppler the Dog
A celebration of his life in pictures
Derek rescued a dog from a shelter in January of 2005. He was a St. Bernard / Great Pyrenees mix, and was about 2 years old.

He was in kind of rough shape with some health issues and had been neglected.
But after lots of trips to the vet, a rigid diet, exercise...and lots of care, he turned into the dog he wanted to be....
He was always ready to go, and it didn't take
any coaxing to get him in the car for a ride.
He loved a good nap.

Here he is chilling out...before he'd go back
outside to tromp around with his buddy Max
while staying at the DW Ranch...
Doppler and Max really enjoyed spending time together at the DW Ranch and kept each other entertained all day long...
Then, after an illness, Max passed away on August 13, 2009...and Doppler knew it.
He would go and stay near Max's memorial where he is buried.
It was about the same time (July of 2009) that Doppler received a new sparring partner...that came in the form of a Bernese
Mountain Dog. Derek rescued her from an animal shelter as well.
...and the real 'Doppler' was born.

Derek named him after his passion for
weather. And Doppler did kind of look like a
big white doppler unit!
She was aptly given the name Domino.

...and she immediately warmed up to

Yet, he took quite a bit more of a
'courting period', as she was always up
in his grill wanting some action...
Never to be shy, Domino made sure
Doppler kept his naps to a minimum...

He actually lost quite a bit of weight
since the introduction of Domino, as
she really kept him on the move!
Meanwhile, back at the DW Ranch, they
made a great tag team, by keeping
'uninvited guests' out.
Back to nap time. But did I mention that Doppler wasn't a big fan of plants and flowers?
After all, they interfered with his prime napping locations!

Doppler did NOT like thunderstorms, and here he is barricaded in the garage at the DW Ranch - I have no idea how he shoved
himself into this small space by the race car! I had to move a bunch of stuff to pull him out when the storm had passed...LOL!
And with all of the cooks in his family, it's no wonder he was so interested any time food was being prepared...and don't worry,
while visiting the DW Ranch he'd always get a small sampling so he could see what all the fuss was about!
This picture was taken on the morning
of Friday, July 5, 2013 at his new
home in Phoenix...

He lived there for the past three
months and really enjoyed it.
Doppler was a great companion and friend and he will be missed by all that cared for him...and here's a picture of one of
his favorite places that he got to guard and protect every time he was a visitor at the DW Ranch.

If you'd like to read the story about Doppler's buddy, Max, please click here.
Like I just told you...

...but I do like a nice foot bath!
...pondering the next activity
of the day...
Doppler and Domino did get into some mischief. At the house in Colleyville, there was just a little peep hole
in the gate. Well, they both decided they wanted more of a view, so they kept at the peep hole until...
...and after the 'gate expansion project,' Doppler needed some time to reflect and decide on the next project...
...but the project can
wait...it's time to go for
another ride with Domino!

...Doppler then had himself a nice
breakfast and laid down in his favorite
bed...and a few hours later,
unannounced, went to join Max - where
they can play together once again.